Single sign on (SSO)

SSO is now available for the services Gitlab and Nextcloud. Please log in to authentik to continue using the services. A login mask will also pop up if you visit the mentioned services, asking to log in to authentik.
For certain use cases, there is the possibility to bypass the authentik authentication and use the regular credentials. This however is not recommended, but if you think you need it, contact me and I will decide if that’s a valid reason.

If you do not have an authentik login yet, contact me with the following message:

    Hi, I would like to have an authentik login with the following credentials:
    - authentik_username: your_authentik_username
    - authentik_email: your_authentik_email
    - authentik_name: your_full_name
    - gitlab_username: your_current_gitlab_username
    - gitlab_email: your_current_gitlab_email
    - gitlab_name: your_current_gitlab_full_name
    - nextcloud_username: your_current_nextcloud_username
    - nextcloud_email: your_current_nextcloud_email
    - nextcloud_name: your_current_nextcloud_full_name

    You can delete service sections or leave them blank if you don’t have a login there. If you want to request access to a service, read here. Be aware, that wrong details can lead to data loss, so check your information carefully before submitting.

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